The Center for Innovation at Regional One Health seeks to build a health care ecosystem of innovators and entrepreneurs by providing a platform that inspires, aligns and cultivates new ideas, research and technology. By disrupting the health care industry, we can improve patient experiences and outcomes here and around the world.

What We Do

The Center for Innovation empowers health care innovators through several unique programs. Whether you are a Regional One Health employee with a groundbreaking idea, an external partner with valuable expertise, or an entrepreneur seeking real-world testing and feedback, we can join forces to turn disruptive thinking into reality.

How Are We Driving Innovation?


Through our Innovation Lab, we test the viability, desirability and feasibility of promising ideas from Regional One Health personnel.


We create high-performing partnerships with experts in a variety of fields because we believe it is key to building an innovation ecosystem.


We help companies validate their business model or clinical use case, in turn giving our community access to the latest technological advancements in health care.

Who We Work With

We power action to improve health care, grow companies, and uplift the region by working with a variety of innovation-minded entities.


We work with university students who are passionate and curious about how their interests can translate in health care.


We welcome entrepreneurs who are disrupting health care with innovations that help improve the industry. If you are an entrepreneur in formation or validation phase, we want to work with you!


We support academic research at every level!


We connect corporations to cutting-edge technologies while providing exposure to the entrepreneurial and health care innovation ecosystem.


Everything we do is a collaboration. If you have an idea, product or service and we share a common purpose, then we’re interested in working with you!


We identify – and sometimes validate – promising technology and research that can fuel the next transformation in health care.

What’s Our Impact

Our success in the field of health care innovation highlights our productive relationships with a variety of internal innovators, high-performing partners and external entrepreneurs. Together we are establishing Memphis as a hub for medical progress and developing new products, processes and ideas that are changing health care for the better.

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