COVID-19 safety guidelines and visitor regulations created challenges for discharging newborns, but Regional One Health staff stepped up to get healthy babies home with their families. The team is using iPads to provide parents with the education they need to take their babies home. The success of the project has also inspired them to expand […]

When I was watching the Olympics, I thought a lot about time. Nothing highlights the importance of time quite like the Olympics, where so much comes down to seconds. Katie Ledecky just set a world record for the 800m freestyle; second place was nearly 12 seconds behind her. To most of us, what’s 12 seconds? […]

One of the key goals of the Regional One Health Center for Innovation is to find a way to better create a positive relationship between the patient and the provider. The best way to do this is to develop ways to improve communication. Sometimes the best way to innovate is to create a new tool. […]

We launched the Regional One Health Center for Innovation website earlier this year, but this center has been in development for much longer. Creating the system identity of Regional One Health had been in the works for even longer. It can be hard to describe the amount of brainpower and manpower required to get something […]