Regional One Health launches Center for Innovation

May 16, 2016

Regional One Health is proud to announce the new Center for Innovation, focused on applying disruptive thinking to health care and creating a new care model.  The Center for Innovation embraces unconventional ideas and provides space for Regional One Health and its partners to come up with illuminating insight that fundamentally challenges the way health care is delivered.

“The nation’s health care system as a whole is resistant to change,” explained Reginald Coopwood, M.D., president and CEO of Regional One Health. “Our desire, whether it’s a product or service delivery or whatever we look at, is to be disruptive to the normal health care environment.”

The Center for Innovation is a collaborative environment where partners such as Regional One Health employees, physicians, entrepreneurs, and others work together exploring new ideas to answer some of health care’s most challenging issues – to reduce costs, improve efficiency, improve health outcomes and engage patients. 

The Center for Innovation, led by executive director Scott Vogel, is now accepting and vetting ideas. Vogel is working with several potential partners including local entrepreneurs, companies and Regional One Health employees.

“We are a gateway, rather than a gatekeeper,” explained Vogel. “If you have a solution to offer that’s going to improve the care of patients, or improve costs, or even get patients more engaged in their health care, then we want to see it.”

To learn more about the Regional One Health Center for Innovation or to submit an idea, visit

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